Interesting article on GA Bill

Article on GA Home Inspection bill.

Are you guys ready for the fight? Proponents of the bill say that opposition does not exist among home inspectors. You all want it.

This is the lie they perpetuate through phony “coalitions”.

Get to your media contacts early and loud and let them know the opposition to the bill is real, and that it is based upon sound fact…just like the veto.

Also…beware of the ASHI tactic of setting up a sting.

They will preinspect a home and have a TV crew set up hidden cameras. A TV producer will pretend to be the home owner and will be holding a notebook as she talks to you that will disguise her microphone.

You will inspect the house and each item you miss that the ASHI inspector found before you (if any) will be blown out of proportion. The TV spot is used to show that ASHI knows everything…but not everyone is ASHI…thus, we need a law.

They will call inspectors to these houses back-to-back so when you suspect a phony deal, call all the guys in your area and warn them about the call.

LOL… It must be hard to be a nacho “certified” Home Inspector in busshys world :twisted: :twisted:
I just can not imagine how it would be living every day knowing I purchased a bogus on line HI certification, then spending countless days and sleepless nights worrying how to defend it, or who will expose me to the public.:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

What if we don’t miss anything? :mrgreen:

Or find something the previous inspector missed? :shock:

These guys are edited out of the broadcast. Only the worst inspection makes the news.

Think this could happen in KS, with a real inspector going in first and the RE agents “inspecting” after? :cool:

RE agents are not going to do inspections in Kansas. They worked to hard to turn a home inspection into a $10,000 warranty on the property.

I noticed in the article, just like Missouri, that there is no complaints coming from the consumer. Just the usual complaint about a home inspector supposedly pointing out a defect on a house that does not really matter and killing the deal. Kinda reminds of the Realtor that was complaining about the spider in the crawlspace an inspector wrote down at the Missouri House Committee meeting. I saw no consumers there complaining.
A couple months later a Realtor insisted I write down a spider she found in the kitchen. I told her No. I never have before and I never will. She said she would never refer me again. Dam if you do, dam if you don’t. Realtors sure get mad about spiders.

I have been to classes that the state of Georgia approved for license. I got my appraisers license and i am working on my water license. In a 40 hour class 16 are spent listening to the instructor tell about his back ground,16 are spent on very basic introduction the the subject, and the other 8 are mostly BS-ing. On the last day the instructor tells you to pass the state exam you will need to study the 900 page book you got on the first day.
What I am trying to say is: I have studied as much if not more to do the work of an HI than what I** know** the state would require.

Drivers license, water license, inspection license, electrical license, HVAC license, license to be allowed into someone else’s home, license to carry laptop, license to talk on cell phone,…

License to locate spiders, license to sue inspectors.

Veto of home inspection bill baffles industry!

Hewing to his philosophy that “less government is better government”

Words of wisdom, licensing solves nothing.

But it does create a market for Kaplan.