Interesting Article


Very interesting article. Thanks for sharing it.

I particularly found his last paragraph very interesting as that is what I have been telling our $99 Inspectors.

Nice read. I have my clients initial my contract about 10 times on pertinent clauses and sign at the end.

I do the same as Brian. I feel a little silly handing them a 2 1/2 page document with 7 or 8 places to initial or sign, but only once has anyone given me a hard time about. They actually canceled, but by the interrogation I had to go through to get that job, I was a little relieved when he did cancel. The guys problem was my contract made it seem like I wasn’t going to do what he wanted me to. After confirming the cancellation, I advised him that my contract may be different, but my limitations are exactly the same as any other inspector out there. I just let you know in advance.