Interesting Development at Inspectionnews

Inspectionnews has some interesting technical threads, but their general “chat” threads have always been little more than NACHI bashing, Nick hating, and self-admiration on the part of a few narcistic building inspectors—but I ran across an interesting discussion that involves Hannigan’s new web site format and how it is affecting the regulars. It is relevant to licensing, I think.

Many of Hannigan’s regulars (“many” being overkill, I suppose, for there are only a few) have expressed their unhappiness with the fact that when the new site came into play…their “start dates” all went to the same day.

You can no longer look in awe at Jerry Peck’s 12 gazillion posts and see that he has been posting at this site for as long as he has. Same with many of the other self-appointed gurus of home inspecting. Instead…upon day one of the new site…they all have the same “start date”…and several are loudly protesting.

Can you see where this is going?

How much less would they appreciate a state where licensing also put everyone at the same level, in the eyes of the public. What would poor Peck do if he had to carry a license that was identical to an inspector’s who is younger than his toolbox? How much advantage would go to that inspector who, on his first day at work, held the same state issued credentials as FABI’s ex-president?

This is where you are killing yourself James, many of these inspectors deserve a little respect. They have been there, done that.

I have yet to see a post where you actually show any knowledge about “home inspection”.

You are a home inspector, aren’t you?:-k

I believe that was his point.


Why the hell would or could any NACHI member give another person, or group of individuals, any courtesy at all, when in the past, those same individuals have called us all fools for joining or believing in NACHI? They belittle this org, and many of our inspectors. And I am supposed to show them respect for what, again?

Just because they have been around the block a few times does not automatically entitle them to anything.

Many of them are a bunch of cowardly dicks, who wouldnt have the balls to confront a NACHI member face to face, or man to man, and tell us what they think.

Some of the guys over there are good dudes. Others are a-holes. The ones who show respect command respect. The others I can scrape off my shoe.

Inspection News is a great MB with some very knowledgeable people. It’s ashamed we have to always bash one another. I guess that’s just how it is, how it’s been and how it always will be. There are some very helpful people on both message boards, thank you all for your helpful information.

Well Joe, something tells me I wouldn’t want to meet you in a dark alley :shock: :wink:

Seriously though, you’re right, some are dicks and have huge egos, but those types are here as well…

Let me say this, if James words had come out of you, I probably would not have said anything because I believe you deserve some respect for being around the block a few times.

Understand what I am saying?

That you don’t easily suffer fools? :smiley:

You are a wise man :slight_smile: