Interesting Development Wood Boxcar Home

I received this prior to tomorrow’s inspection. Hmmmm?

At least it is being disclosed to the buyer.

Should be interesting. Any comments?

Thanks but I was hoping for some feed back from someone who had seen one.

Here is the outside.

Sorry never seen one just have heard of them before

I have seen one Mike, but not inspected, up in the Manzano Mt.s, from an old disused rail line from the 40’s or 50’s. A friends mother lived in it.

It was sturdy as all get out, like a tank, no roof, no leaks, cozy. Steel exterior, wood interior. It did not have much of a build out around it as in your picture.

It WILL be an interesting inspection!:slight_smile:

Cool link Kenny

On site not. Poured foundation from the 30s or 40s.
Pretty solid. Not much odd to look at.

I have run into one, it was a family style restaruant and fairly well done. It took a while and I had to think thru some issues before writing the report but as long as you have a good understanding of basic building science and techniques it all makes sense. The only difficult areas were where the rail cars joined stick framed building sections and how they interacted and were secure was interesting to say the least.

A few pics

Ha, the carpenter used salvaged 2 by’s. Old growth doug fir I’ll bet. Thatn isn’t going anywhere.

Nope. Solid as a rock.

On a poured foundation no less.


On poured foundations, I had never done many block foundations before moving to Minnesota. My granpa and uncles formed and poured most builds we did. Family business and all masons, specialty was stone work.
That was in Connecticut, plenty of stone in New England.

Nice to see someone post something different than a split entry in Chanhassen.

I grew up laying block foundations with my grandfather(well I carried the block;-))

My own home built in 1999 has a block foundation.

Poured foundations now very common.

Thanks for sharing

Very cool thanks Mike. Kinda funny the latest post I think was in the emergency posts was a home with rail road tracks for beams :shock: and Troy in Marshfield WI said he has seen this a few time before