interesting email about

I received this email and thought I’d pass it on:

I Thought you might want to delete your
name from this… Or not… Either way I thought you’d like to know. My
name and information was on website so yours might be also.

((( May 2006 ))) a new database was made available to the General
Public, free of charge that displays your personal information (Names,
Addresses, phone numbers, birth dates). (YOUR Soc. Sec. Is available for
a Price.) The database is found at

Just type in Your name and check…you’ll be SHOCKED as I was! I urge
you to forward This email to family and friends.

Check to see if your name and Information is in their database. If so
and you want it removed, send them an e-mail at to
request it be removed. I do not know how our names got there, but I
checked my own and a few other random ones and they are all in this
database! You might want to forward a copy to your State Attorney

After opting
out by email, check back
after a few days to make certain your information has been removed. If
it has not been removed then file a complaint with your State Attorney

crossing the Line, when they can SELL your Social Security # for a


The information they offer is all public information, available for a fee if someone is willing to pay. I’ve used many of the necessary resources to locate people and information about them from time to time.

As for how they are able to display your name and address that is disgraceful when you try long and hard to maintain privacy. For anyone that is not aware that if you have ever provided a “Change of Address” card to the US Postal Service that information is regularly sold by the Post Office. Take a look right on the Change of Address card and it will notify you, in so many words, that this is done. Ergo when you move you provide COA to USPS and you get to make it in a database sold to others and they can easily track your residences for long periods. In addition your change of address probably includes your spouse’s name and potentially children. That information also makes it in a DB.

Thanks, Manny. I was aware of the “Change of Address” info being available but the D.O.B and S.S. # availability surprised me. :shock: