Interesting find inside the panel cover

I opened up this FPE panel cover and did not expect to see a piece of hardieplank attached to the panel cover. The original breakers had been removed from the closet but they left the panel box to hold all of the spliced wiring for the new exterior panel. What a mess.

Late 60’s house in Dallas

If they remove the wood it’s probably code compliant.:slight_smile:

I see that quite often. Minus the wood of course!


Remove the wood and screw the panel shut .

Hardieplank isn’t a wood product. It is a fiber cement siding and is fire resistive, but not fireproof.

…that and removing the spray insulation.


Besides the housing…what else is there to be reported on in these home made junction boxes? How many of you open these or take the deadfront off during a home inspection?

I Do understand the reasoning opening this particular one, not secured, FP Panel, curiosity.

thanx in advance