"Interesting" home/deck construction

I know people build homes at the lake in various ways, but this one (almost 3000 sq.ft.) on a very steep lot was like none I have ever seen before. Take a look at the picture taken from the lake side, then look at the ‘attachment’ methods for support posts and bracing. What would you say about this (in a reasonably nice way)?

ECI 022.jpg

ECI 053.jpg

ECI 010.jpg


The deck and stair have substandard aspects that appear structurally unsound. You may wish to seek a second opinion on this, but for reasons of safety, we recommend that the deck and stair structure be removed, or reconstructed by a qualified contractor.

Is that nice enough?


I have already strongly recommended that the client have a structural engineer or architect evaluate the entire support system. It happens to be located close to a very good engineering university - IMHO it would make a pretty good ‘class project’. :mrgreen:

Hopefully they erect a large class-sized safety net first… :cool:

I guess “Abandon the place” would be somewhat severe…