Interesting homemade Microwave detector.

I imagine you could do this pretty easily.

Are ya taking up sewing as a side, hows about exotic dancing and basket weaving:p;-)

Not manly enough for you ?

Try your imagination once in a while.
Its in there somewhere .

Is this approved by the Council of Men?

I’ve got quite a few of those free NACHI light up microwave testers, I’d be happy to send you an extra.

I lost all my InterNachi microwave detectors (I had bean bags and lights). Now I simply use this (filled with water of course). Thick glass. Nearly unbreakable.

Like your Jameson hot eh.

Do they have an ISN logo?

I have those all over the house, my Mother-in-law makes those.

I can send you one if you would like.

Only by the woman’s auxiliary so far.


My wife makes bags with wheat. I use them all the time for sore muscles. We have a few different sizes and the cost is almost zero. two minutes in the microwave and they are warm. A lot easier to make then the ones toted above.