Interesting image II

Air leaks. Just like I said.

Do you think a Flir E8 is advance enough to those jobs? Thanks for the post, love those.


Hi David, I’m not very familiar with that camera. It is limited on temp range at 482, field of view is 45 degrees and I’m not sure what focus free is on that camera.

All depends on what you plan to use it for. Building diagnostics it may be OK but with low temp range it may not work for electrical.

Hopefully someone else will chime in.

Yes it is… It’s a 320 x 240 camera. But there are still limitations depending on what your using it on.

Interesting scan Peter. Probably not too many people are familiar with weighted windows.

I had a four-story building at Auburn University where somebody thought it was a good idea to install high efficient replacement windows. Just installed the Windows inside of the old frames without sealing the weight channel and they all rotted out. Air conditioning blowing on Windows with Southeast United States humid air infiltration.


ScreenHunter_216 Mar. 29 12.19.jpg


Nice images Dave

Gee I think you all missed the boat sure looked to be the Easter Bunny peeking in the window:D:cool: