Interesting image

If the people were not there to observe the event and tell you would you have known what it was from just the picture?

I’ll let others answer that question. A couple guys already got most of the answer right just from the image.
The only thing they probably would not be able to answer is what exactly was above the ceiling. Either a shower, tub or water line.

Thanks for the follow up Will, I apologize for being a grump.:slight_smile:

I was expecting to see some cooler fringing at the edge of the wet joist bay. You must have been Johnny-on-the-spot capturing the image. I was also looking for water on the surface of the table in the VL image and couldn’t make it out.

It is an interesting image.

Another staged flip-house. Good as new, just don’t peek behind the curtain…

Yes I thought instantly there must have been a bathroom leak, but not knowing more info or the home itself etc. it could have easily been a sink or something else. That said I had no info other than the photo so it was an educated guess.

Will talks about training so here is my take. When I took my training I was shocked at how different the Level I and Level II are. I have worked my way up from the InterNACHI course to the Infraspection building course to Infraspection Level I & II.

Getting your Level I might make you think you know something and you’re ready to hit the streets but Level II will set your A Z Z down and show you how much you don’t know :shock:.

I can’t wait till Level III.

I was outside inspecting the pool when my inspector ran outside to get me. The water started leaking through the ceiling probably a minute or two before I ran in right away got the camera out. I knew this was going to be a " fun " image :mrgreen:
I’ll check my folder to see if I have a images with the glass table in it. There definitely was water on it and on the floor. The reflexion of the seller in the window is him mopping the floor.

I could not agree more. I’ve had my level II training for a couple years now, just haven’t taken the time to take the final exam. I’ll try and get that done this year and then on to level III.

It’s all good :smiley:

Just did the level I test in New Jersey on Friday, planning on going back in September for Level II.

Chuck Evans and Charley Bottger, Jim Seffrin says hi.

Congrats on completing the Level-I training in the classroom. Jim puts on a great class and the labs are outstanding.