Interesting Inspection Findings

On a town home inspection today I looked up into the downstairs return air chamber (as I always do) and found the sellers stash of 30 + DVD pornographic movies on a little shelf he built. The buyer and agent had a good time with that one because they suspected “something” was different about the property. When I got to the upstairs return air my audience was standing ready. Yep, more movies but these were in VHS.

The seller has already moved out so the agent was wondering on how she was going to tell the listing agent. It’s nothing that I would add to a inspection report
because the buyer would end up removing them anyway.

In the past I’ve seen packages of unknown something up inside return air chambers and just kept on going. I’ll verbally tell my client and that’s all.
If it turns out to be legal or illegal I want nothing to do with it. I also mention
to my client that loose lips might get you shot.

So, were they any good. :twisted:

Did you report the the potential dangers associated with HazMat and infectous diseases from bodily fluids?

Am I serious or not? You decide!