Interesting IR article from Infraspection's attorney.

IR Thermography – A Game Changer
for Home Inspections

This attorney is proposing … as many ill-informed home inspectors already do … that the use of infrared technology should be a basic commodity instead of an “extra” to be charged for. No doubt, he is advancing the interests of his client.

This is why the inspection fee has remained virtually unchanged for 10 years.

That was my take on it as well Jim.

Good post.

The state licensing boards would have to thrash out a real world STANDARD OF PRACTICE for thermal imaging and require inspectors to purchase cameras, and mandate certain kinds of training in order to empower IR to have the force of law. Plus, define punishment and enforce violations.

So far no gov’t agency in north America has taken on such a massive project as this. For that matter, thermographer’s can’t even agree on their own emissivity settings in their camera’s during a home inspection. Many variables change from day to day. It can be a moving target to say the least.

I think state licensing boards would have better luck trying to regulate a moisture meter.

Jim nailed it when he said…
No doubt, he is advancing the interests of his client. (the agenda to control is always lurking).

Its going to be a way of life like it or not (I told ya so)

Get on board the Train or get run over by it simple choice. :shock:

I sat in a court room for the last two days as a witness and after the case has settled I will post some more info

As usual this is the kind of junk info that comes from a failed home inspector that has difficulty seeing beyond the end of his nose that is usually stuck in some thread that he has no knowledge of. IR will become basic to a home inspection the public will demand it. It will be the inspectors that have seen the big picture years ago that will write the standards for the changes to State SOP’s and home inspection prices with increase with the addition of IR

I gets these calls once in a while also.

I usually tell them to call Infraspection or Snell. I hate court rooms.

I rather enjoy them:D except the hard benches:shock:

Charley -

Jim Bushart had a very good point. Liken it to a Doctors Physical Exam. Most doctors have access to getting Xrays, EKG’s, Echo-Cardiograms, even MRI’s done for their clients BUT they are not part of the average, every-day office physical.

In my area, MOST of the home inspectors that have gone to Snell, Flir / ITC or elsewhere for Level 1 Training; then spent $6,000 - $15,000 for an IR camera have ended up NOT selling its usage as a separate commodity AND if using it at all just adding $20-$25 to their Basic Inspection fee OR worse yet, offering it as a FREE value added service (???). Then when buyers call a home inspector that does offer it as a separate service at an ADDITIONAL fee, the buyer acts like they’re being ripped off BECAUSE you don’t wanta give your stuff away FREE.

Yes I believe as camera costs come down and it becomes more well known it will be more used. BUT as Jim said … That FREE stuff or charging $20 more helps keep everyone’s inspection fee’s in the Toilet.


That is where stupid takes over $20.00 increase in price is nothing I increased my price by $100.00 for every inspection and never looked back perhaps I lost a few low end inspections but I made up for it on the high end

Mine fee would be $300 over a standard HI report. No takers.

Until standards are established, report of a home with an IR scan and a home inspection should both be separate reports, and not included with a “standard home inspection”. That is an attorney speaking, most likely looking to go to court with some HI using only IR for a home inspection.

Yes, the industry is in change, I agree. Dan’s analogy is proper. When an HI finds some “differences of temperature” behind a wall, how do you know for sure what the temp difference means? Could be a hot/cold water pipe. Could be insulation missing. Until you can tear out a wall to see for sure, limited access will still be the norm.

Training Gary Training is how I know what the temp difference means

Coffee your place or mine :stuck_out_tongue: + I climb roofs:shock:

Charley …

Glad it worked for you. Some areas its worked … other areas NOT.

Dan I just don’t swallow that it takes a little time but it works if approached in the correct manner???

Like I said … Works in some areas, not in others.

Just like Russell Hemsel’s mobile office and 3-4 man team on 1 house. Works in his area, but maybe not in Cassville, Missouri.

At seminar in Austin 3 weeks ago I met a home inspector from Dallas area that on every home inspection ALSO did a slab survey with a “Zip-Level”. His base fee for up to 2,000sf was $825. Nice …

In KC right off the top of my head I got 3 licensed engineers (PE’s) I know of that would do a home inspection for any size house up to about 3,500-4,000sf for between $285-$350 AND put their seal on the report AND all 3 could do a water level OR zip level survey of the house for another $150-$175. So would $825 for under 2,000sf fly around here … DOUBTFUL.

So once more … Some really cool things / Work in some areas, not in others.

I think it has much to do with the inspector and only a little to do with the location. Virtually every location has upper and lower end purchasers of services and goods. Someone is capturing the upper end of the market in your area.

Unlike Charley, I don’t bundle Thermography into my home inspection. I treat it as an elective, optional service. The client has the choice. When I do it, I do it thoroughly and correctly, which takes time and I charge for it. This week I did five residential thermography inspections, which added approximately 5 additional hours on site between them. Each of those hours is represented by $225 average, additional revenue.

If I’m asked why I did not perform this important procedure at a given home inspection, it’s because the client declined it. For me, Infrared Thermography inspection, just like the home inspection, is done at the client’s discretion according to their budget and needs. It’s their choice to make. The choice is free, my time, expertise and equipment are not.

If I live to be a 150 you will never convince me that I can not make IR work in KC just like I will never convince Nick that IR is a better marketing tool than CMI???

I remember when I was the only inspection company including digital photos in my inspection reports. It was a great marketing tool because no one else did it.

IR cameras just aren’t that special any longer. They’re everywhere. Furthermore, like a digital camera, anyone can just pony up the money and buy one. They cost about as much today as my first digital camera did back then… and the prices keep falling. And unlike CMI, you don’t have to have any experience to buy one, you don’t have to have any training to buy one, and you don’t have to be in business a certain number of years to buy one. My dog can legally purchase an IR camera. No doubt it is a money maker, but it’s no CMI.

I have both CMI and Level-III Thermography certification. There is no comparison between the two.

You are starting to act like Thornberry he sells his wares and you sell yours and you both are very protective. Your dog is that the same one that became a member of Nachi he has been around long enough to be a CMI by now:p