Interesting IR Find

Found something interesting by the bathtub the other day.
This picture is when the oven was at 350 degrees. Things
really started getting warm when I put the oven on broil.
(this unit was an electric oven in a 70’s home that had been

Hi John,

Did you recommend something to the buyer/seller with regard to the heat transfer?

Or are you just showing what a great instrument the cams are?..:smiley:

I don’t find a 10 deg elevation in temperature to be remarkable.

The back of my oven is opposite the stair wall to by lower level and the stair side of the wall gets warm.

I told my client to have it checked out just to be safe.
I told him I was not sure if it was a big problem or not.
Like I said, it started getting pretty warm once we put
the oven on broil.

Those cams are simply amazing…!

I really want one . . . but have to wait until I get a few more pennies saved (like alot).

I agree, 10 deg. is small. Isn’t the flash-point of wood like 570 deg.? Big difference. But you have to love the versatility of these cam’s.

I have been using the B-cam real serious lately went yesterday to one of my wifes listing that was getting ready to be treated Monday for known termites. I took the camera out to do a little exploring on my own as I like to look at known problems helps me recognize something that may not be known.

I just wanted to see If there was a difference in temperatures of the wood were termites were known to be and where they were not located.

I scanned three window panes from the interior of the home two of them with known termites one without and I registered 2 degrees temp difference between the windows with and without. Not much difference in temps and don’t think I would have recognized that as a problem if I had not had previous knowledge not that I go around looking for termites not my job I just thought it would be intersting. I have a good working relationship with this one termite company we look out for each other. I tell him the location in crawl spaces where I see his problems and he tells me where he sees some of my problems such as leaks 4 eyes are better than two.

Good pick up though


He’s not shooting the hottest spot look at where the target/cross-hairs are and that is where the camera is focused, off to the side of the hottest area.

The heat from the oven may not be much different than the heat on the other side at the front of the oven but we’ll never know what that was, unless he can manipulate it in his software.