Interesting phone call

I did a Wind Mitigation inspection recently and just received a phone call from the insurance agent stating that the home had been inspected by another company that he uses and that it had received a credit for having clips. He wanted to send me a copy of the report to see if I could use their photo showing a clip with 3 nails.

I tried to explain to him that when I inspected the home, the straps were too far from the trusses and that they only had 2 nails. (see attached photo). He insisted that the other inspector found a different strap that did have 3 nails.

I tried to explain that the other inspector must not have looked very closely as I saw several straps that were too far from the trusses and that I was required to report the weakest connection.

Needless to say, I will not expect any referrals from him.

USES is the key word. You did the right thing and it is not his license on the line. Just one of many reasons I do not market to Agents of ANY kind.


Want to have some fun? Call the OIR and tell them about it. Tell them the agent and the inspector are committing fraud and send them your picture.

Do you know what they will do? NOT A FU-KING THING.

Tell him to look on the form, and read the following: “What is the WEAKEST roof to wall connection?”

Yep you did right. More than once I have gotten the same call and was asked to commit fraud. Just a couple of weeks ago I got a call about a 4 point. I stated the roof had less than 3 years left. The agent asked if I could change it because another company did a 4 point less than a year ago and said the roof had 5-7 years. I said no way. He asked if I could just remove the less than part. I said that even if I did say the roof had 3 years left from today that tomorrow would be less than 3 anyway. That was the end of the conversation.