Interesting problem

Recently performed a radon test for a buyer of a new home. It came in high.

The builder installed a radon system, hack job, motor not properly fitted to pipe, exhaust not above roof line and no vacuum fluid tube installed.

The builder now hired me to do another radon test, which I did.

As I was waiting for the builder to show up so I could pick up my radon system I noticed his hack job on the front stone veneer. Note the cement engulfs the wood door frame, no J channel on the picture window above and last, vinyl siding has mortar based caulking.

My problem, I’m now working for the builder. Do I say anything to the buyer or the realtor that gives me business? Once she knows she has to tell the buyer.


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You did your job if they hired you for a radon test .

The buyer should have a Home Inspection performed and if not it is their own fault.

Just remember who you are working for.

If you want to offer your services to the owner, make your pitch.

Tricky question. Bottom line is that the Builder is your client in the deal.

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You were not hired to perform a home inspection yet a Radon Test. Do the test. I and I am sure almost all of us see defects in a home when we are there doing something other than the inspection like Radon or Mold etc… testing. Pitch yourself to the buyer if you want and do a proper inspection, but to just open your mouth when nobody asked I feel is not a prudent idea.


Many builders never do the work themself (only GC “Oversee”). Point it out to him and let him handle it from there. I would be glad you did if I was the builder.

Thanks all, you backed up my thoughts. Bill, in this case the builder bragged to me on how “he” did the radon system.

With regards to the buyer, he feels it’s a new home with a 1 year warranty so he’s all set.

Oh well.

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Just work in accordance with your contract. You are working for the builder and that should be cleared.