Interesting Put-Down Email

Attaching below a part of an email received.
Several points need to be clarified.

  • Ohio State NACHI is One of the Major Chapters of NACHI in the Nation and uses every resource to get the word out about our events and members.
  • We have proven that we deliver the best value to our members and NACHI.
  • National NACHI supports us and sends emails to every member in the nation, many in the past have complained that they were not informed or even had an opportunity to play a roll in our development.
  • Ohio State NACHI is open to anyone.
  • It is tiresome that some view us in a negative way, but ask yourself;

A. What are you doing in support to help NACHI?
B. Do you offer nothing other then criticism for those that continue to bring value to our members?
C. Do you offer more?
D. Do you add Value?
C. Are you being a part of the NATIONAL TEAM?

View is that everyone is ready to jump and criticize others without seeing or understanding the value, the culture of this sucks… If we are ever to be a True “World Class Leader” then that must stop.

I was warned about the culture of the board and many, who work the board, but I have nothing to hide, we are NACHI in the true sense of what that means we are a
Professional Partnership in the endeavor to improve and add value.

The NACHI Mini-Conventions being presented in Ohio over the last two years were established in order to bring NACHI events into the mid-west making it affordable and easy for everyone to attend and be involved in NACHI.

Email to Mr. Judy,
I do not know where you got my email addresses but I am assuming it was
from the NACHI database. If you had taken the time to check, you would
find that I am not in Ohio. I am happy for you that you have such a big
event scheduled. But. Frankly, I am tired of hearing about it. You spam
the message board multiple posts where they do not belong and name the
posts something other than what it is. I know you know where chapter
announcements go because I’ve seen one of your posts there.
I do not have any control over what you do on the boards but I do have
control over my email. This email is to notify you that I consider your
emails unsolicited and unwanted. Spam is illegal and punishable by heavy
fines. Please remove both of my email addresses from your database.

I wake up with 50 + emails that are spam everyday :roll: It is not that hard to hit the delete tab. It takes me less than 2 minutes to delete my spam mail. NACHI does its best to please everybody and right now NACHI staff is changing some things around so just hang in there guys the email will be fixed ASAP.

I will see ya Thursday Jeff


Didn’t I just see this in another thread?

Yea you did Ben :roll: You can blame it all on me.


I think that you are missing the point. Yes we do get spam all of the time, but it is not from someone that we know. Just because someone else does it doesn’t make it right.

I get it Greg but I can only fix it so fast. It is just something we are all going to have to work through.

You put this in two threads? Or the email problem?