Interesting report about Porch. Includes lies about me

Read it here: porch.pdf (5.1 MB)

  1. I never bought any Porch stock ever. Spruce is factually wrong. I was given some Porch stock. I donated it to the MICB the following day. I announced that I got it and donated it on InterNACHI’s message board immediately and on Preston Sandlin’s podcast.
  2. The Stangl lawsuit about InterNACHI selling data was B.S. We never sell any data, never have, never will. I won that law suit. The judge in the case threw out the plaintiff’s entire case. Spruce points to a 15-year old lawsuit that I won without even having to fight.
  3. Me and Alan Carson settled the other dispute 20 years ago. Spruce fails to note that the issue was that long ago, back when I was in my 30s. Anyway, Alan was selling a graphics library. I posted images from that library with a link to his store where inspectors could buy his entire library from him. He didn’t want the money I guess. LOL. So you know me. I have a policy: If you sue me, I’ll replicate your products and services, make them better, and give them away to everyone for free, forever. And that’s exactly what I did. We built a MUCH SUPERIOR graphics library and made it FREE TO ALL inspectors. It’s still online, growing (we added 16 new images in the past week), open to all (you need not be a member of InterNACHI) and free to this day: . Enjoy.
  4. As for the recent EBPHI (NHIE) law suit that they quote from, I won that one too:

Kudos, Nick!

I like the, “don’t get mad… or even” approach towards frivolous litigation… instead, out-business them.


Ok, so not a purchase, but the part highlighted “Spruce Point is concerned about the potential conflict of
interest that the Master Inspector of a non profit organization has in promoting a vendor to its members.”

And this part is true. MICB owns a portion of Porch stock. They find it a conflict of interest. I do as well.

Either way, InterNACHi endorses Porch as a vendor, because I can’t log onto my member dashboard and view my BB participation without seeing a Porch offer.

Funny enough, I have received several emails from research firms lately asking me for my opinion on Porch. But I’ve been just too busy to respond.

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But MICB doesn’t promote Porch. The word “porch” doesn’t appear anywhere on MICB’s site. Never has. Porch isn’t an MICB vendor. Never was.

I simply gave the stock to MICB, just like someone gave it to me. This porch stock is a hot potato. LOL

To say the least.

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I have to make sure InterNACHI members aren’t harmed. I believe I’ve succeeded.

Industry Expert Nathan Thornberry

Ya had me there for a while. :rofl:

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Announcement today from the state of Ohio reads we have to take the NHIE exam to be licensed in Ohio now…If so, this is a huge, unwelcoming curve ball.

Any thoughts on this shocking announcement coming from Ohio?

Tony, why is that surprising, it has been in the law now for nearly two years. Should not be a curve ball, take the test and move on.

Welcome to our forum, Michael!..Enjoy! :smile:

Ya well. Up until Friday, our 80 hour school said we would be grandfathered in.

In Florida we were all grandfathered in, talk to Nick maybe there is something NACHI can do.

Tony, it seems guys get all excited and nervous about taking the NHIE. I think some fail because they get a case a nerves. Get the study guides, take the practice exams and go in and take the test with confidence. You’ll do fine.
Good Luck!

Jerks. Sue them for some libel cash.

Tony Caldwell. Not aiming this at you, just stating the facts, the law has been in place and not enforced for a year. The Ohio HI Board does not have the authority to implement another round of “grandfathering”. Think of it this way I paid for 5 licenses last year that have been worthless and continue to be worthless until the state decides to enforce the law. I have lost 1/3 of the $ value of these licenses.
If it helps, out of 6 of our inspectors taking the NHIE only one had to take it twice to pass. As stated, it is more being nervous than anything. My advice to the guys has been to go take it as soon as you can after finishing your classes and get it out of the way, if you fail it now you know what it is really all about, if you pass it, fantastic!
Your school is the one currently out of line by commenting on another round of grandfathering being implemented. Keep in mind the state is most likely breaking the law as it stands by allowing “non licensed” inspectors to continue to inspect until the new deadline.

Best of luck and wish you well.

What does Ohio licensing have to do about Porch?