Interesting twist to an old game

Can you guess what used to be on this wall in the garage right next to the electrical panels, one of which was a FPE?

Livenshire - October 31, 2006 030 (Custom).jpg

I don’t know…Blood Spatter…Dead Body…???..heck its Halloween


Dart Board? Sometimes it just makes you wonder what they were thinking…

Andrew Rook
Rook Home Inspections LLC

Dart board.

For the grandkids…pretty good idea don’t ya think? Obviously an oversite on the part of the dart board manufacturer. They did not include the warning about using near live wires and circuit breakers in their literature.

I always consider those a target on my inspections.

Adam, A Plus


I though it was “Pin the tail on the donkey” for people you don’t like.

Speedy I am SOOO glad to see fellow electricians with a sense of humor…I love your personality…very glad you visit this board…:slight_smile:

You aid in keeping the balance…:slight_smile:

The Romex looks pretty new, probably went up after the dartboard was removed. At least I would hope so. Were there any holes in the sheathing?

I didn’t know anyone made round fire extinguishers.