Interesting YouTube video.

Looks good…gave it a thumbs up just for using the same i stock as me…lol.

Well done, but why is it

“This video is unlisted. Only those with the link can see it. Learn more

I also gave it a “Like” - good job.

Same question - perhaps only accessible through member websites? (Just a guess)

I’m working on a crazy deal to make zillions of similar videos for members and flood YouTube with InterNACHI member promotional episodes.

This was one of my test runs.

Each video will permit the member to salt it with his/her own contact information.

Get ready guys… Energy Auditing is the next money stream for us home inspectors. I am seeing lots of “Home Inspection and Energy Auditing” companies developing. It’s a natural fit, especially for those that already have an infared camera!

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To accomplish this huge task, we’re building a computer system that does all the editing… totally automated.

Never going to fly the Gov has their finger in the pie

Dude, you rock.

Nick, does your automation process include auto posting? If so you might want to make that part manual for YouTube. There were several automated “bots” that would auto post to video sites. They all ended up with the same issue on Youtube. Account banned and the automated posting process countered.


Thanks for the tip.

Jesse is in the process of buying the rights to all the photos we need to build them all.

Yes I like the incorporation of Nature into the seen’s it makes it very interesting just my Website from Inspector Pages. Nature does sell to allot of People and I will add my info on there as a beta test.

It will be more and more difficult for non InterNACHI members to compete.

only if you let them… 98% of my Energy Audit clientele could give less than-a-rats-*** about what the government does or sayes regarding energy.

Mine, too.

People who can’t afford their utility bills and need government money for upgrades cannot afford me. These are not the people I am currently marketing to or serving.

Hello from Athens, Greece!

Enjoy a similar animated video for small (and bigger) kids!

very well done. Can this video be posted, as is, to our websites?