So I think the vents were added after wards. They had a whole crawlspace full of blocks to knock out but they chose these. Anyone have a good narrative for this?

Incorrect added Crawl space vents need immediate repair by a qualified contractor .

They have comprised the building support twice and the hold down rod is doing nothing

Some of the foundations concrete masonry units (CMU’s) have been removed to add ventilation to the crawlspace. The removal of the CMU’s has compromised the support that held the homes sill plate and some joists. This has caused sagging of the floors and or low spots. Also, a hold down bolt that helps tie the building to the foundation has been disconnected from the foundation. Solutions to these issues should be discussed with a qualified contractor.

Thanks Gerald and Roy. I pretty much copied your narrative Gerald with a changes recommend by Roy in a private message. Your help was much appreciated.

Vents added causing structural weakness.

Is that all you would have put in the report?

No which is why my reports take a long time .
If I was there which I was not would include the pictures showing areas affected /implications and explained either method of correction or added framing carpenter is recommended to repair.

I did not see exactly what you saw in regard to implications.
Here is one from a couple days ago and the implications are obvious…Fact/opinion/guidence