Interior basement drainage systems can equal silica dust problem

when they jack hammer your basement floor, it’s possible you will eventually SNIFF dowsn tiny particles of silica dust, some of these nitwit interior co’s are a bit better than others at trying to control/limit the amount of shtt flying around your basement n landing on other things in your basement, just what your children were looking for, right?
OTHER point as usual is, this interior system was NEVER going to stop the water from entering his basement, duh!
‘I found one worker using a grinder which was spreading DUST… the other worker had a shop vac nozzle pointed at the grinder in an attempt to catch duh dust’

Misleading Proposal, ‘Every week the salesmen go out and lie’

Worthless Free Inspection… YEP.
‘Worthless, bogus free inspection that was meant to scare us out of doing what really needed to be done (EXT waterproofing!), their come-on was slickly delivered by a so-called senior inspector who used a combination of mis-information, false promises, and high pressure tactics to suck us in’

During any interior demolition phase, personal as well as the indoor atmospheric protection must be adhered to to reduce the chance of contamination.

Just to note. Interior water management has it’s place.

Personally, I would avoid posting liable Yelp rants not knowing what the home owners contracted for.
If the ranters are serious they will hire an attorney.

OK to sue his cut and paste ass Bubba!

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It is all about the money for many, Mark. The safety of others doesn’t seem to compute. :roll_eyes:

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you never have a negative word about INT basement systems n the crooks who sell n install em, pretty much tells the story.

when these p o shtttt tell homeowner that an INT system is their best or only option they r full of shtt man.

INY systems have their place? Maybe as the last resort, ya dig? No ya don’t.

As far as negative YELP reviews are concerned, I am suspicious at best.
Best to go to BBB.

As for, Crooks: a person who is dishonest. Someone who cheats or steals.
I can not stop them nor do I wish to put myself in the position of undue authority.
I personally observe and write up faults by crating a report.

Is there place for Interior Water Management Systems? Yep!
As to what a client contracted to mitigate basement flooding.
1: The contract would spell that out legally.
Warranties implied if written into the contract.
Repair Invoices would be a paper trail if legal recourse was required.

Hope that helps.

You’d be better to stay right out of this than to tangle with Mark on a subject you clearly know nothing about.
For your own good.

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hmmmm, well if you have been out here inspecting houses and basements n foundation walls etc like you say you’ve been and you’ve never once seen a basement that had an INT system installed when it should NOT have been because the actual problem (s) were EXT cracks in block wall, then i say bullslhtt. You just wrote that YOU, personally observe and write up faults… so i’ll ask you, have you ever been in 1 or more basements where there already was an INT system installed but it should not have been, based on your experience and expertise on this subject Robert or do you instead let these things slide, you don’t say much if anything about 'em in your report, lmk

This Q goes out to all the nice n honest home inspectors here, ill say this… i know Dave Macy called this crap out, in fact he used to post quite a few photos of the scamming INT drainage systems in basements he inspected, Dave wasn’t afraid and knew when a homeowner was lied to, scammed out $$$, ya FOLLA? JIm Mac also calls out these INT system morons and so has Mike B here in MI, Mike put up some photos of where an interior system rip off artist slapped a piece of vinyl or plastic etc on part of the interior poured wall cost much more than it should have as the only problem was 1 or 2 deteriorated rod holes, yet these crooks couldn’t inform the homeowner of the facts and couldn’t just plug/seal the rod holes instead opted to screw the homeowner for self gain $$, the shtt goes on all the time, all over yet few call out the bogus sob’s that are lying to homeowners and RIPPING them OFF!!! idiotzzzzzzzzzz Excuse Bubba now as i need to go strangle some crooks in my dreams, night night mfrs

Hope your doing well Marcel, hey i thought Mr Young somewhere along the way wrote he USED to or maybe still does some installation of INT systems, u remember anything like that?

Mark, how many yards away can you smell an INT guy?

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hahahaaaa, u BE funny TAday, Jersey dude.

check this out, NOT about an INT terd sorry, i was called by our ex-neighbor lady friend, repeat friend… for an estimate on house she was hoping TA buy, i didn’t know it but when i got there she had also scheduled a home inspection, okay so i get outta my work van and walk up to front door and outta DUH door comes Mr inspector who greets me with, “All YOU waterproofers are all alike, instead of telling people like my client here that she can solve her leaky areas by re-grading, you-people lie to them and tell them they need costly repairs when they don’t”

I did not respond, she duh lady heard it n smiled.

She had cracks in 2 locations in F walls so gave her est on waterproofing those 2 small 5’ sections, she hired us, we did the work, no more leaks.

Looking back, i must have been very hung over not to have replied, was a great opoortunity lost lol.

This home inspector didn’t just say what he said, it was ‘matter of fact’, arrogant-like hahahaa

So Mr Michigan home inspector sirrrr, if you are out here in Nachi land, fuck off plz, bye now

the grade, the grade the grade

downspout ext’s downspout ext’s downspout ext’s

splllllishy splash blocks

splilllllisht splash blocks SPPPPLLLLLLISHY splash blocks!!!

Nah, 90% of all OUR jobs could have been solved by re----dorking, i mean re–grading!!! I am such an incompetent, arrogant clown

90% Unc Bubba been wrong

90% Unc BUBB’s beeen wrong

90% BubbaMilk been wrong

Home inspectors are right 90% of duh time, Bubba wrong 90%

home inspectors are right 90% of duh time

shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i t

Yeah, but, you are our incompetent, arrogant clown and we like you and the expert information that you provide. LOL

Keep it coming, Marc! :joy:

hahahahaaaAAAAA Larry! even some waterproofers get ir right 10% of duh time, i am sooo ashamed i got 80-90% wrong, oh dear me, and it’s with a KKKKKK, as in dorK, unlike the Goldie-dude spelling!

i am often WRONG, i am arrogant sob, hmmm n what else did BUBB’s learn taday?

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I doubt that. You can’t copy and paste the real McCoy. LOL

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Lol. If you say so.

silca dust… see what happened to homeowner above, can happen to others so duh, when some home inspectors here, there and everywhere lol recommend 1 or more INT co’s to homeowners do YOU or do they THOROUGHLY explain silica dust possibilty or do you and the scammers just keep quiet, ssssssshhhhhhh, yeah