Interior basement system idiot moron contractor 'on the run'

You can’t make this shtt up… another interior system contractor, bilked homeowner out of $14,000

‘I’m like a BIRD, i only fly away’ Nelly Furtado

Here’s another interior system company.
Misrepresenting the actual problem(s) and true solution OR, just incompetent… it’s one or the other

Mold etc on interior wall/blocks, basement leaks.

Water isn’t PUSHING UP FROM BELOW. It’s getting into the blocks on/from the outside. Do NOT need a friggin interior below floor system jesus kristmas.

‘We’re also going to put in a negative side water control system… IT encapsulates the foundation’…? loolol Not on this planet baby, maybe on Mars but not cheer!

“Water comes THROUGH the wall”. Well then, waterproof the exterior of the stupid wall!@@#%%* You don’t pour shtt/bentonite injection into the stupid ground, loool. That stuff does NOT ‘encapsulate’ dogshttttt!

1:35 ‘We hang this vapor barrier on the wall…’ Shtt man, that supposed vapor barrier HIDES/CONCEAL further mold, efflorescence, water, cracks… that’s what it does.

2:05 Anyone with a tad of common sense can see 1 of the problems, a step crack in wall (it’s on the exterior! lool) … there are other exterior cracks/problems as well that they don’t fix/waterproof.

"Basement waterproofing’.
That’s not basement waterproofing.

What you peeps do is, at best, try and manage water that will continue to enter a basement wall or above the wall and, the shtt you do does NOT stop the water hence, you’ll never stop-prevent further MOLD, efflorescence etc on wall, that’s frickkkkkin why you put that shtt/vapor barrier etc on basement walls.

Say again, if a tree branch fell on your stupid ROOF and caused damage/openings in the g dang roof, would your dumb azz NOT remove the tree limb/branch and NOT repair the damage/openings in roof and instead, install some drain tiles and a sump pump in the attic, huh???

Cover the attic with a vapor barrier, huh??