interior basement system installed, do you see any interior corner crack in wall?

:15… look at the basement wall, see any corner crack? No.
They sold the house but before selling it they were told they needed an interior system to stop seepage at-near corner, spent $2,500 ish for the 1/2 wall perimeter system. Buyer moves in and it leaks loolll

So the seller finds me, i drag my azz over there after hearing him cry and tell me his story, i take him outside and i dig the corner down about 8", brush the wall and show him the crack! Tell him it needs exterior waterproofing and whoever lied to him and sold him the fraudulent interior system is a con and go get your cash back man. (the city of St Clair Shores APPROVED the interior system! lol So much for looking out for the citizens)
Here’s the exterior wall, now look please, see the exterior CRACKS?
This was done, waterproofed for LESS than what he paid the interior water-diverting moron!!

Back to city inspectors who approve these systems, who okayed the permit the morons pull)… you folks keep telling me the reason you want permits pulled is to… PROTECT homeowners, protect the citizens in your city for scamming, lying contractors! This cannot be true man, nope. Had you done your job correctly then the inspector would have NOT have approved the interior system and told the homeowner what i told him and showed him, c’mon, its a money grab for the city is all it is.