Interior basement waterproofing, basement has NOT been waterproofed

Thanks Roy! I have 49 eBooks to date. Many are based on Engineering Physics, about 20 are Land Navigation texts. Many find these very informative. Some on using college mathematics, and construction estimating.

Also see the eBook on Deck Ledgers.…words=cherchuk](

It would be nice if you where honest and posted that your are selling things and stop playing games with those who make there living at this industry.

Roy, I do not understand this post???
What does my selling eBooks have to do with my posts?
Are you saying that I cannot comment in this forum? Please let me know Roy!

I’m guessing we have just not seen Your eBook on inside basement waterproofing yet…

I don’t have an eBook on inside waterproofing or exterior waterproofing. Inside waterproofing has been done successfully for some time. You need a good reputable contractor, of course.

Gee in all the inside waterproofing I saw none where done successfully .

Can you tell us how many you have seen that worked well and how long has it had been since they where done ??
Did you have a professional home Inspector check to see if they where working well.
Would you be so kind as to give us there name and phone number and when they checked the work.

I will talk to them and tell all just what they said .





Ron, your kidding right?

Ron, are you an expert on this subject? …just asking

I’m not going to take MORE time and get into all your Q’s etc because sir, I already have… for years, and most are on another thread… sheessh k.

Ron wrote/CLAIMS… (quite a few MYTHS), one being, “Interior waterproofing is more economical”

This is wrong Mr Ron, wrong because most homeowners ONLY leak, only have problem in 1 or 2 a reas and THAT is all they need to fix/waterproof.

And when it comes to interior waterproofing owners/salespeople, they most often lie to people about quite a few things, one being WHY and WHERE they leak and, they very often will try and talk homeowners into much more work than necessary, sheesh k man, you really do not understand this subject.

VIDEOS? lool
Let’s start here…
Listen to her words… and how much $$$ ?

This homeowner was also LIED TO, ask some of us have been trying to tell you, was awarded $50,000

Here, an interior system was installed (should have had exterior waterproofing done but inside companies LIE and talk people into SHTT that doesn’t stop the water and does NOT relieve, lessen, reduce any pressure against walls)
And the guy doing the video is… ANOTHER inside system co!!!
looooooooooooooooooooooooooool incompetent sobs

This homeowner is out $ 12,000 (supposed lifetime guarantee bs)
HO is right, he got lied to, most do from interior system co’s… yep, that’s right.

UNFAIR sales Practices… yes indeed, as some of us know

What does this homeowner say, how much did the inside system company want? Sheesh man, fcg cheats. And some are too blind to SEE! lol

Duh umm, if you like, scroll down to… Basement Wall Damage.
Cause… and Resolution .

Unbiased opinion, would you not say? loolll

…“The clay MUST be REMOVED and replaced with sandy, gravelly soil… and waterproofed outside”

Why don’t interior system companies tell/explain this to homeowners and DO the WORK on the outside as explained, huh?

Because they don’t do exterior waterproofing, aren’t insured for it etc AND, their money maker is installing interior systems, hello!
So they lie,mislead, misrepresent homeowners actual problems/causes and solutions!@!@!!!@

shhhhheeesh, knock knock, anybody home?

Ron, here’s your interior basement system… homeowner OUT over $15,000
…still leaks, more mold and efflorescence and some cracks widening

Real advantage huh… and ECONOMICAL? really? :mrgreen:

Thanks Mark This guy conned me many years ago big time we sent emails back and forth all the while he was pumping me for information non stop .
I finally did a Google search and found out how he worked
I am just a good home Inspector and tend to trust all .
He tried the same with you and you saw how he operated .
I think he is only here to sell his books ect .
I have not seen where he gave any help to any one…=1416163280999

Ron also wrote exterior waterproofing cannot be done where they’re are decks, porches etc… NONSENSE!!!
Knocked out front porch cap beeeeeecause, they were exterior cracks allowing water in basement UNDER duh porch, hello! Only ONE way/means to ‘stop’ the water from entering.

And it would cost quite a bot MORE if they had an interior system installed which would not, never, have stopped the water from entering.

And some porch footings CAUSE some of these cracks and basement leaks and so, when they do, you recommend LEAVING the cause on the outside?
Don’t remove, relieve the cause Ron and instead install an interior system that would have cost more?

Roy :wink:

Another book dude huh, figures.

He may be a good old boy, a good author of OTHER subjects but he’s FAR from being any sort of expert on this subject, hence should NOT be recommending squat to anyone on this subject. Say again, sooner or later, some are going to be sued and rightly so because of their incompetent recommendations

And Ron sir, lolol, can post many more REAL photos of us digging under decks, sometimes NOT having to remove 1 piece of wood/deck, porch cap removed etc, hellloooooo! Shtt, brick pavers, driveways whatever, its not a problem.

What is a good reputable interior system company, to YOU?

Is it one that is incompetent and doesn’t understand lateral soil pressure, underground roots etc CAUSE many cracks in walls, bowed walls and the subsequent leaks, sometimes mold, efflorescence and always recommend an interior system?

Or is it one who may understand lateral soil pressure, roots etc cause cracks, bowed walls, leaks etc but will NOT inform homeowners of any of this because they only install interior systems and carbon F straps?

Or is it one who goes to people’s homes and regardless of the homeowners actual leak/problem (such as the HO only leaks in 1 area), they are going to sell/lie/push a full interior perimter system on the homeowner?

Is that the kind of crap ya mean sir? :mrgreen:

Successful huh? Why don’t these interior system chumps fully explain to each and every homeowner on every estimate that, hey Mr and Mrs Jones… we don’t care where the water is entering your basement and we rae not going to stop it, and our interior system can only divert the incoming water back outside, at best.

And Mr and Mrs Jones, since we don’t STOP the water from where its really entering then we want you to know you are quite likely to get some (maybe a lot) of mold and efflorescence on some parts of your basement walls, BEHIND the plastic/wall paneling we will put up against your walls.

And Mr and Mrs Jones, on block walls we will drill holes in the blocks which can allow radon and other soil gases to enter your basement and often, the section of the basement floor that we take out will often be THINNER when we put it back in, is this ok too? looololll

…And so on.

B Dry was here Ron, same old sht Ron. They tried telling the homeowner she only needed an interior system and did NOT want to, care to, see the basement wall behind the drywall… see photos 3 and 4 where I removed a little of the drywall… what ya see Ron? Mold, that’s right, very good.
Know why there is/was MOLD on the poured wall and drywall and insulation Ron?

Because sir, water was entering the wall through a crack and rod holes.

If you, if B Dry etc doesn’t STOP the water then, ummm, more mold!
Jesus krstmas man, ghello.
They could give a rats azz whether she/others had mold on wall or not!
Just sell, lie,push the inside system on anyone who dumb enough to believe these weasels.



I have been told by a contractor that disturbing the soil outside will lead to water entering the basement. Ie, any outside work will be detrimental. This is a reliable source, seeking comments please. Many thanks.


That is for sure! Waterproof from the outside for success.