Interior Deadbolt (Non Egress Door)

Is it wrong to have an interior deadbolt for a non egress door? This home has one for the basement door.

I always recommend upgrading. Its hard to argue against a safety upgrade, even if it is technically needed or not.

Can it be opened from the inside of the basement without a key? If so, it’s okay.

There area number of situations where I see that. In the case of the basement door it is usually more accurately called a cellar with an outside access. These areas are unfinished and often used for burglary access. Hence the deadbolt interior basement door. I also see deadbolts to access converted porches. Not needed, but left over. Rooming houses usually have deadbolts on bedroom doors. Many times these are converted single family homes. If egress is needed through this door it should have a thumb turn on one side.

Whether it’s right or not depends on location and use.

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No both sides had a keyed lock.

This basement had a fireplace and an old bathroom (not hooked up) so it had definitely been a living area in the past. The only egress was through a door that led into a garage, it also had its own lock. The windows were inoperable, old casement windows that were sealed, most didn’t even have their cranks.
I don’t think I’ll call it out. I just wanted to make sure.

The cellar in the farmhouse I grew up in had a toilet (Pittsburgh potty), never habitable. The farm house my daughter bought, original structure 1880, had a fireplace in the cellar (non-habitable). A lot depends on when the structure was built and its original use. I see 1900 built rowhomes in the city with hand dug cellars where the owners have tried to dig them deeper to make habitable spaces, often with disastrous results.

I would think with the door pictured the thumb turn would be on the 1st floor side, although with all that glass it would hardly be secure. Quite probably the lock is for security. There is no need for egress through the basement if its not a habitable space and I would write it up that way. If the new owners decide to use that space they will need to address the basement door locks then.