interior wall

Hi all
I inspected a house that upstairs in the bedroom was a return grill with a light fixture inside the side of it. also noticed a line from the top to bottom of that wall which was patched like the wall was modified which is why i see maybe the light fixture was there first then maybe they added a wall and inserted the grille . sorry no picture battery died .My ? it all looks good but how would i write this up . Dont want to scare anyone something was done at this wall.

Spare batteries sure come in handy. ;):mrgreen:


Wall or Ceiling?

Are you talking about a HVAC return or one of those drop/pull down attic access panels… they are almost like a commercial-type. Some attic access panel also have a diffuser/lens with a metal edge… you have to pull down this fixture, swing the light out of the way to fully remove the panel and access the attic.

The patchwork… could you better describe your concerns? Is this around the edges of the mentioned fixture? I guess I’d look around the surrounding surfaces for signs of incorrect mod’s or alterations. Probably not much help… good luck.