InterNACHI 360 Virtual Reality Inspection Training Videos

Welcome to the revolution in home inspection training video.

InterNACHI 360 Virtual Reality Inspection Training


I keep trying to send you a private email and everytime I get a few lines into it it blanks out and disappears.

I bet a lot of folks wish they had that. Please shoot me an email to so I have your email for when I need it.

I do not personally like the blacked out 1/8 of a moon shape at the bottom of the screen personally but I just say so to try to help not rip. Great definition on my connection something that has been lacking in the past stuff.

Feel free to send me anything you guys come up with anytime and I’ll gladly tell ya what I think.

Thanks for keep kicking out the best educational stuff out there. We need to chat one day about expanding the educational stuff 10 fold sometime :slight_smile:

What email address are you trying to send to?

through this system by clicking on his name. I would get a few lines in then it disappeared. Maybe something I was doing?

Oh, I don’t think staffers use that system. That is not a system of contact listed in

Thanks :slight_smile: