InterNACHI adopts upgrade to Inspector Code of Ethics.

Specifically, #7 has been added. If you are releasing your client’s information to a third party, make sure your client knows you are doing that, why you are doing it, and has no objection to you doing it.

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Gestapo !
You caved in!

Well, okay, then:
7. The InterNACHI member shall not release any information about the inspection or the client to a third party unless doing so is necessary to protect the safety of others, to comply with a law or statute, or both of the following conditions are met:
[li]the client has been made explicitly aware of what information will be released, to whom, and for what purpose, and;[/li][li]the client has provided explicit, prior written consent for the release of his/her information.[/li][/LIST]

From International Code of Ethics for Home Inspectors - InterNACHI

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I don’t need Nick , you or anybody else telling me what to do.
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I don’t use any services I just inspect,but I don’t like stupid rules that try to make me conform to someone else’s silly standard.

Do you follow the speed limits? I always thought they were sill standards.

Also FYI no matter how heated discussions and debates get here, nobody takes it to physical threats. I can tell you this that some of us here would gladly take you up on that bet you made.

The point is, keep it real, we may all have different opinions about stuff, but at the end of the day we are supposed to be professionals, and brotha NACHI Inspectors.



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OK I will agree with that, and add that really thisa thread is about a COE change that will affect some members here, not really the place for fight threats.

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I do understand , but he drew first blood and I’m not going to kiss his sorry butt.

This seems to be missing.

Are more changes coming?

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Proof that the quoted phrase really concerns you, as it should!

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Why does that matter as it is true?

Also Nate Joe is a part of NACHI, he is the chair of the ESOP, why do you continually attempt to discredit his role here?

You really don’t need to answer as most of us know what’s up.


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