InterNACHI Agreement System Update - Import Old Templates!

Hi folks,

I’ve added a feature to the new agreement system - you can now import any changes you made to the default template in our old system. If you’ve customized your old agreement in the past, just go to:

You’ll see a box on the very top with a list of any templates you’ve modified.

Let me know if you have any other questions, or want to see any other features!



Our free, online inspection agreement system keeps getting better. Thanks Tim!

This is Great! Thanks guys, 30 percent of my inspections I never see the clients or agents. Now I dont have to worry about it.

I like the new agreement system. It’s a big improvement. I think I’ll start using it.

I did notice that the confirmation email to the inspector contains a malformed hyper-link. At least it did for me.

Link Text:
Link Target: %22http:/\

Corrected target:

im not getting contacts from my web site not sure why

Hi - have you checked your spam folder? Sometimes messages sent from an automatic system get redirected there.

Tim Eaton