InterNACHI and EnergySmart Boulder County enter into a formal agreement.

If the contract award holds up once it finally gets to the couts. I predict that there will be more than two sources for training.

It really doesnt take much to protest an award, or have that protest be upheld.

Well, perhaps you need to really read the article. There is nothing to suggest the need for a BPI controlled energy audit. At least one other federal agency is involved, buing the treasury Department, who is under so much scrutiny that they will surely look to “diversify” training requirements. Finally, the CONTRACTORS are puching this under the guise of having it stimulate the economy and create jobs.

Why cant you guys see the handwriting on the wall?

The article references the bill a bipartisan group of senators have introduced. The bill requires RESNET or BPI certification. So do all of the major state tax credits and deductions as well as utility company rebates. If you think the New York engineers are going to change the world, I think you are doing too much wishful thinking, my friend.

The clamoring of engineers is loud where you are, Joe … but no one else is listening.

Besides, only a fool would build a business that relies upon government programs and funding. It’s nice to have but if it goes away … and I really hope that it does for reasons unrelated to anything on this thread … I wouldn’t miss it.

I just had to post this … A New York Engineering firm posted this ad for three energy auditors on a BPI message board.

I guess they didn’t get the news.:wink: