InterNACHI and Nick Gromicko in the New York Times.

Not a bad article Nick, but where do we find a decent IR camera for $ 3,000. and when are these ‘free’ courses on how to operate the camera going to start?

Bill Mullen

Nothing tricky about operating one , properly interpreting the image and anomalies is truly a different story.


It’s still deceptive. The article says they will be ‘certified in the use of the cameras.’ I’m not arguing you don’t provide good TV sessions…all I’m saying is that the reader was led to believe that iNACHI trains its members to provide this service at a ‘certified’ level, which denotes some fairly good knowledge. It insinuates that people who take the FREE training are ready to offer Thermography and all that goes with it. I’m sorry but I just can’t agree that was an accurate image to leave the reader with.

iNACHi has great IR offerings through John McKenna and others, at a very reasonable cost, so why pretend it’s free? There is no shame in charging a fair price for a great service.

…and can you send me my $ 3,000. camera?

Bill Mullen

I didn’t write the article.

I know.

I also know that reporters boil down two hours of interview into a short article, so some facts usually suffer. I’m not blaming you, Nick. All I’m saying is that I wish reporters would get their facts straight. Even using the truth it would have helped promote iNACHI and InfraRed technology.

Bill Mullen

Maybe we’ll change the truth to match his article. :wink:

All is possible at InterNACHI.

If so, hire a competent and respected Executive Director to represent NACHi to the public and serve as a filter for the sales pitches.

You can continue to overstate and promote to your heart content…but NACHI members are damaged, not helped, when hyperbole is presented as fact to the public by a rep of our association.

Almost every honest fact we state about InterNACHI naturally appears to be hyperbole. Such is the price we pay for being amazing.

See what I mean?

Even P.T. Barnum had a business manager to help him sort his facts from his fantasies.

We will always need a Nick to invite folks to step up to the tent to see the bearded lady for $289…but that is not what should be presented to the public as fact.

I don’t know alot about IR cameras yet but this one is in the price range. $2,9995.00 from Sycorp.

That would just be a waste of $3000 for a home inspector.

Can you explain why? Maybe provide some info on what a good IR camera should do.Like I said I don’t know alot about IR cameras yet.

Ron…start by reading this thread: Extech

Thanks Mike.