InterNACHI at Kansas City Association of REALTOR's Resource Rally on March 11, 2010.

Booth manned by member Joe Kostelac of

Thanks Joe!

Nice lookin’ website Joe!

Thats WILD … How many NACHI Booths are gonna be at the KCRAR Resource Rally. Buck Hartley reserved one for InterNACHI 2 months ago, and sent Copy of Contract Info to Lisa in Boulder. I’m told that was confirmed with her.

??? Why would Lisa need to see a copy of the contract?

I’m told It was sent to show Display Space Rental at the KCRAR Show and to RESERVE a Tapletop DISPLAY BOOTH, etc from NACHI.

Oh, she doesn’t need a contract to do that, we trust you. I know we don’t post everything, but InterNACHI ships trade show displays to members who have booths at more than 400 events a year. That’s more than 1 a day. They are free to all members: Free Trade Show Displays for Inspectors.

No one has contacted me here in KC to share a booth. I would even share the fees. I guess I will have to buy one myself, too. Any of you guys need assistance?

Do you have to be a member of the KCRAR to buy a booth? Isn’t that pay to play, and a violation of new Kansas laws?


This is the exact reason we need a STRONG INACHI Chapter in the KC Metro.

I agree. If you guys need assistance, I am available. With Missouri coming to play, having a voice at these displays is critical.

Form your own local InterNACHI Chapter here.


Thanks! we have a chapter.