InterNACHI Auction and the forgotten few

And the mighty dollar wins once again.

The dollar almost has no value anymore. I tried and tried this week to offer real value. Maybe it’s prejudice of me being the white boy around here. I’m a cool dude man. At times like these in our history, when the world needs more rednecks, the world turns a blind eye to a dying breed.

I am happy for long time InterNACHI member Greg Bell. I’ve been watching these auctions for sometime now and it must be rigged, right from the start.

Here’s how it normally goes:
*Nick bids $10.00

  • Someone comes along and bids $50.00
  • Some money man comes along without thinking and bids $300.00 (makes me say WTF?)
  • Another guy rolls up with deep pockets, sees the $300.00 and bang it’s doubled to $600.00
    *Their distant cousin stumbles upon the auction thread and says: boys, let me show you how it’s done. Then he bids $2,500.00 turns right around without thinking and flashes another five hundred … making it $3,000.00

Honestly, I don’t want to be like these rich boys and without thinking - post such ridiculously high amounts, right off the bat.

Here’s how it should go:

  • Nick bids $10.00
  • Michael bids $10.01
  • James bids $ 10.45
  • Bob bids $10.50
  • Jeff bids $10.75
    *Marcus comes in with a bid of $11.00
  • Scott bids $11.23
  • Michael is hesitant but bids $11.24
  • Bryan learns from his hero Michael and out bids Michael at $11.25

The InterNACHI message board is getting hits left and right so fast that Nick can’t keep up reading all of them. Nick being the marketing genius that he is says: Boys and girls we are already at $500.00 in record time. It seems that the white boy “Michael” from Virginia, was onto something and I’m dying to shake his hand. Let’s do something that’s never been done before. I could throw in this product valued at X amount of dollars and we are shooting for this amount. Be thoughtful of others and bid low, but bids often. Or we can offer another auction on Thursday. What do you boys think?

*** Personally, I like that idea Nick. I seen many good Inspectors over the past few months who work hard for their money, get scewed out of these auctions because rich boys (most newbies), bid almost the full purchase price on day 1. It saddens me the way young people think and act nowadays. ***

You could’ve benefited from my bartering system, learned and laughed a lot and have lasting memories. The system won and the white boy got screwed again.

I’ll start off next week’s bid following your $10.00 bid, with a shovel.

Think about making it a fair battlefield for every Inspector. How about new bids are from ¢0.01 cent to $25.00? Level the playing field for everyone or change the title to: Rich Boys Tuesday Night Auction.

With that being said … How about used or scuffed items being auctioned off at your new “Poor Boys Auction”. You don’t have to be poor to bid the auction is for everyone, not just rich, young newbies.

The system is either rigged or broken, because most Inspectors don’t stand a chance.

Nick, I’m not starting nothing and you’ve been really good to me, over the years. You have to be scratching your head with the ways these guys think.

That is an extremely racist attitude you are displaying here! You are also displaying a poor “Entitlement” attitude as well! Do you know what the purpose of these auctions are? The money goes to charity according to Nick and I have no reason not to believe that. So you need to tone down your rhetoric as it leaves a very bad impression on the industry as a whole. You are aware this is a public forum? :roll::roll:

I don’t even know what to say. Really?

Dude, Know your role. Racist? Are you kidding me boy? I proudly served my country with some of the best soldiers in the world (most were black) and a lot of them didn’t come back. Don’t you call me racist boy.

You took my context way out of text.

Redneck isn’t racist. It’s a way of life for country folk (black or white) and I’m proud to be one.

I posted to Nick about giving everyone a chance on the auction and it gets turned around to I’m now a racist. Are you f’n kidding me?

Wait, This was serious? I completely thought it was sarcastic out the gate. If this is serious then I am at a loss.

This is the very reason I and thousands of other Inspectors don’t post here anymore. If there is a problem with what I posted, Nick can call me.

Yes Sir, I realize that this is a public forum and nowhere did I make a racist comment.

Am I white? Yep.
Am I a Redneck? Yep.
Am I racist? Nope.
Am I giving our industry a bad name? Nope again.

The term “boy” when speaking to an adult is another sign of a racist attitude.

The correct verbiage for the sentence is the following.

“You took my text way out of context.”

Now you are using profanity on a public section of the board? :roll:

I only commented due to the gravity of his statements. Otherwise the post would speak for iteself.

It certainly appeared to be a serious post and his follow up posts support that.

Dude, I’m done talking to you. No profanity used. Grow up, we’re not in grade school.

I doubt Nick would waste his time with this other than to ask the Staff to move this to the NFE section where it belongs. :roll:

Then please do not act like you are in grade school. :roll:

I’ve raised 4 children of color when their parents were locked up and now I’m a racist. Imagine that.

I was basing my original assessment off of the posts in the actual auction thread. I thought those were semi-amusing and completely sarcastic. I now see that he is just a backwoods sort that somehow got access to the internet.

I did not read that auction thread until now. I thought it was funny until he displayed his attitude here . It was item number 5 of his offer that ended the post being funny and displayed his true attitude. :roll:

You know what? If anyone views me as giving this industry a bad name, then I apologize.

Maybe I worded things wrong. Maybe we are from 2 different walks of life.

Two things offend me as well:
Calling me a racist. (How dare you)
Implying that I would give the home inspection industry a bad name. (Shame on you).
*Now if I disrespected clients, missed major concerns, showed up for 1 hour and did a half *** job for a couple of hundred bucks, then yeah - that would give this industry a bad name.

Am I backwoods? Yep and I’d wager to say that you couldn’t last 2 days in my neck of the woods.

I didn’t post this thread to start stuff.
You boys talk real big over the internet and talk smack - making you look really big Infront of others. If you’re ever in Southwest Virginia, please call me and let’s discuss this in more detail.

I have a busy day ahead of me and I need to stay focused.

Nick Gromicko, I just tried bringing it to your attention that a lot more Inspectors would like to bid at your auctions. Call me if you want to discuss my thread. In no way did I mean any disrespect and yet for the past 1/2 an hour that’s all that’s been shown to me. Some guy wants to think he’s big **** by calling me backwoods. That fellow wouldn’t last 2 minutes with this backwoods boy. I try staying calm. These guys run their mouths because they are not Infront of me. I defend my country for these people and this is the respect that I get in return.

I was referring to the OP. Again, really?

I’m lost. Are you asking for smaller dollar items? I can do that.

The Auction serves a bunch of purposes however inspectors do get great deals at the Auction.