InterNACHI Auction and the forgotten few

No Sir. I’m asking you to keep it the way it is but for you to put your twist on it. Get as much as you can, two or three times the amount of your item but hear me out.

When an inspector bids 1 dollar amount and another Inspector turns around and outbids him by a couple hundred dollars, he stands no chance. Set a minimum amount that you’ll accept as a final payment and stick with it but level the field a little more.

I auctioned off an item starting the bid at $10.00, you turn around and bid $20.00. Jeff comes in at $30.00 or $40.00. Followed by Bob at $60.00, etc. This way works.

I would at least like to have a chance. You can post an item for $10.00 and even with a full week to go, some guy comes in with a bid $200.00 higher. The next guy is a couple of hundred dollars more. Boom, it’s over with that quick by the highest bidders, which should wait until the end to place that high of a bid.

I just feel beat before I play. It’s like the contest is over before it starts. With 1 day, I could understand. Having a full week and the contest is pretty much over the same day, just doesn’t seem like much fun.

I have a family to raise and bills to pay and I just wanted to feel like I had a chance. That’s why my post was for a barter (joking around) because I knew I couldn’t compete with these guys. Maybe their money will run out and I’ll stand a better chance.

I appreciate all you do and I mean no disrespect in anyway. Imagine going to Burger King for 2 Whopper meals, you have $20.00 and this guy jumps Infront of you and everyone else and says: here is $100.00 and I want it now. There needs to be a better way.

Michael I think you’re a nice guy.
I even offered you a little help over a Christmas family issue you made public.
I remember you were gonna be a fighter or something for a time.

I just don’t get why you come on a public viewed forum & make derogatory statements because you didn’t win an auction, the “rich boys” shut you out.
Then you suggest the rules should be changed & by not doing so you are & have been discriminated against proclaiming “The system won and the white boy got screwed again”.

You may want to clearly think BEFORE you type.
An auction goes to the highest bidder, it’s pretty simple.
I’m kinda disappointed anyone would want to change Nick’s rules.
Make your own auction & you can make your own restrictive, abnormal bidding rules.

Thanks Michael

I have never been called one of the rich boys before.

Don’t spend to much time worrying about this as I rarely bid in these auctions.

They sure I saw most of this thread written on a sign at an expressway ramp somewhere.

I’ve been poor and I’ve been rich. But I’ve been way poorer than rich. Starved, attacked in ways I won’t get into, sold into slavery as a child, stabbed twice, shot once through the leg, and nearly frozen to death. If I was as rich today as I used to be poor at one time… I’d have a billion dollars. That’s how poor I was.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Anyway, I don’t see how setting a minimum on how much you can raise a bid (set increments) changes anything.

I think this is the appropriate place for this.

Guys, I spoke without thinking and I’m truly sorry for this thread. I honestly don’t know how to delete or I would. I think the world of Nick Gromicko and I always will. I’m in no way trying to tell Nick what to do.

Marc, Greg, Nick and Bob, you men have been an inspiration to me and I respect all 4 of you. Yes I went through a very tough time when I lost everything but I’m all straightened out now.

I will watch what I post on the InterNACHI forum. Better yet, I’ll just reply to Inspectors needing help and ask for help when I need it.

Nick, I knew pretty much all of that about you except for the slavery. I apologize to you the most. What started out as me joking around got carried away. I am truly sorry.

Being really poor was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It wasn’t as good as getting shot. Getting shot through the leg was by far the best thing that ever happened to me. But being poor is definitely something I’d recommend to any man.

Being poor,financially, gives you perspective.

Yep. Thank God I was poor. Being poor toughened me up so much. It really was a blessing.

I’ve been poor, very poor, but each day I make progress… one day soon, i’ll be a CMI…it will be one of the proudest moments of my life. I will follow “Stacks” like it was scripture and when my 5 figure income become 6 figures, I will give the gift of CMI to a worthy inspector.

Hey Frank,

I knew you were and I also couldn’t believe what was said!

Mike you mean well but be careful about blaming others for situations you are in.
All people are the same.

Making others the Devil is how guys like Trump brainwash and start wars throughout history.

I disagree with the “like Trump” statement… Billionaire businessmen don’t have a habit of starting wars… Capitalize on it sure, make a huge amount of cash, you bet, but brainwash people into starting a war, that just isn’t something Trump has ever done.

In Bob’s mind it is.