InterNACHI backing Utah Senate Bill 185

This would allow builders to have independent inspectors like InterNACHI members do the inspections for the local AHJ if the local AHJ doesn’t succeed in getting the required inspection done within 3 days.


Indiana has similar language in a house bill but it’s vague compared to the Utah bill.

Provides that a city, town, or county that requires a building permit for the construction of a Class 2 structure may provide for the inspection to be conducted by: (1) an individual employed by the city, town, or county, or by another city, town, or county, as a building inspector; (2) a registered architect; (3) a registered professional engineer; (4) a certified building official; or (5) a licensed home inspector.

Yep. I love it.

That’s interesting, because don’t we over and over say that we are not code inspectors, for all the obvious reasons.

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