InterNACHI booth at NW Ohio Board of REALTORs Show on April 21, 2009.

Booth manned by Josh Frederick.

Thanks Josh!

A pic from tonight’s event. Thanks INachi!
BTW, that is lemonade I am holding

Hey Josh, on that wheel in the back, did you give cash away to everyone that spun it? Seems kind of expensive at a realtor show.

Yeah, we picked 4 winners who spun and they all ended up winning 25 bones apiece. An investment, as far as I’m concerned, because we have such a defined marketing target group, Realtors! You figure for the cost of $100, if we get 1 or 2 inspections from these 4 Realtors, well then, it was worth it.
BTW, they absolutely loved it!

How are things down your way?

Very nice looking booth!

Things are picking up. A few weeks ago the phone was dead, now there’s calls coming in every day. While some guys have quit the business or scaled back their marketing, I increased mine and its starting to pay off. Hope all is good with you over there.

Bobby writes:

Same here. We’re doing more now than ever. The economy is splitting the inspection industry in 1/2 (winners and losers)… true for inspectors… true for inspection associations. Keep the pedal to the metal.