InterNACHI breaks two daily membership records in one week.

This past week, a week where we had 723 inspectors apply to join InterNACHI, also broke the “number of applications received in one day” record twice.

On Monday we received 114 applications, one short of the existing record.
On Tuesday we received 119 applications, breaking the old record for number of applications in one day.
That record stood for only one day.
On Wednesday we received 126 applications to join InterNACHI.

InterNACHI Membership Stats - InterNACHI

Holy crap that’s a ton of 'em.
Congrats! :smiley:

very nice

Nick, half of those guys/gals, that join, have them vote here;

Vote for Member of the Year/Gromicko Award


Curious,…why does it have 1315 members by the Congo and Nigeria?

nachi map.JPG

They’re probably vendors. ;-):twisted::stuck_out_tongue: