InterNACHI Chicago meeting on May 19, 2016.

Have Cory from Bellman group talking .Will be there or be square …:slight_smile:

Why does it cost so much to be a member of this Chapter? Our Chapters are free in Denver and Colorado Springs.

From the Chicago Chapter site:
$100 – Annual Membership Dues. You are still required to attend at least 1 meeting per Quarter (We would like to see you every month!). Monthly meeting fee is $35. ∗ Special events such as live C.E. Courses may be more.

They pay rent to Holiday Inn every month.Pizza and soda included .

We meet at a Perkins in a private room. No cost. Most will order meals and pay for it themselves. I usually spend about $15 including tip.

Penny pincher.
I pay $15 just for a burger many joints.

Try and have a good night under $100 and good luck in Chicago.
Just did a condo Downtown and parking was $40 after first 80 minutes.

Well I’m not looking for a Date night. LOL.

I hope you are charging enough for the parking and other costs of living in that city.

Just raised a bit but the $40 rate in center of Downtown shocked even me. Used to more like $25 which is high. Found a meter at $6.50@hour and was thankful.

Did you raise it enough to cover your $40? When I do a downtown condo that I have to pay for parking I charge accordingly.

Of course.