InterNACHI chosen as the official inspection association by NAE.

National Association of Entrepreneurship

Very cool Nick, I am proud to be a member, but more than that NACHI has given and keeps giving me the tools to improve my skills everyday.:cool:

They love our and I’m going to be working with them to develop business success strategies that can be used by small business people including home inspectors.


David’s email address is incorrect on the form it should be:

There is an “s” at the end.

Kate will fix it up tomorrow, good catch.

While I’m working on an online-friendly form for folks to use, please note that the PDF at the original link here is now updated with the corrected email address and FAX number.

Kate, any luck with the on-line friendly form?

The NAE has made a couple of corrections and updates to their form since our original posting, so I’ve requested that they provide us with their own online version. When I receive it, I will post it on the NAE announcement page.

In the meantime, you can still print off the form on the page and fill it out and snail-mail it in, as Nick has previously recommended.

Ok. Thanks, I will