InterNACHI course approvals and accreditations exceed rest of industry combined!

I am pleased to announce that as of last night, the number of InterNACHI course approvals and accreditations surpass the rest of the entire inspection industry (including all inspection schools)… combined!

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Can’t you get them approved in Kansas?

LOL…Hold on, Gary. We are still in the process of fighting the law.

will Washington be next ?

Pre-Divorce House Evaluation and Safety Inspections

James, I was brownsing your web site and was wondering, what is a “pre-divorce house evaluation”?

Gee. Now it is possible, in Illinois and some other states to get ALL your state licence CE requirements completed for free!

Gotta love iNACHI!

If the wife is going to get the house…it is in her best interest PRIOR to the divorce settlement to know the condition of the house. She may not want it, or she may want to negotiate for jointly held marital assets to be used to bring the house up to par before the settlement.

The inspection report becomes evidence introduced into the divorce trial (if contested) and the inspector appears in court to answer questions regarding it, and to validate it as evidence.