InterNACHI Course System Upgrade

InterNACHI has upgraded its online course system.

The following new features have been in response to requests from Federal and State regulatory bodies. It is also follows the requirements of the International Distance Education Certification Center.

Upgrades include:
1 - All quizzes must be correctly answered before progressing;
2 - All videos must be played before progressing;
3 - All required links must be clicked before progressing; and
4 - All slides must be viewed before progressing to the final exam.

This upgrade has also been applied to all online video courses on NACHI.TV.

IDECC Certificate

Onwards and upwards!

Another upgrade:

We’ve just completed two additional features of the world’s greatest online education system:

5 - The system keeps track of where the student left off. When the student logs back into a course, the system will automatically jump to the slide in order to resume.

6 - The student can not progress to the final exam until completing all elements of the course. The system tracks and verifies that the student has completed all elements of the course, including viewing every slide, link, quiz and video. The system provides the student convenient links to all uncompleted elements of the course.

This is crap now we have to go back and redo everything just because we didn’t look at every single slide or click every link. I can understand if you want to start it now but for test already taken they should be grandfathered.

Vaughn, these upgrades don’t affect courses previously completed.

If you are in the middle of a course right now, you are subject to the new system upgrades. But courses you’ve completed in the past are logged in your transcript as completed.

This is what I get when clicking on courses I’ve already completed and passed. Ben called and is working on it as we speak.


  • Every certificate for every course that you’ve successfully completed with a passing score of 80 or better listed in your education log can be accessed to save and/or print.
  • You do not have to retake any course that you’ve successfully completed.

Now I have to go to Home Depot and get a new door. Nick smashed his fist through it. He hates it when there are problems with the InterNACHI system. It’s all fixed now… well, except for the door.

Thank you Ben. Now get a steel door.

I understand how Microsoft feels. You beta test something every which way until you think it is bug free, launch it, and the first member to use it ends up breaking it.

So frustrating.

Can I get an amen? :smiley:

You slave drivers. I am going to hit a door.

At first I thought you were jokingly gonna leave Nachi, then I remembered Nick. :mrgreen::shock:

Kenton is almost as bad as me. One day I came into work and Kenton is in the men’s room patching a big hole in the drywall about face high in the wall. Hee hee.

OK I have been working very hard lately on retaking exams that I have previously passed thinking it would make my transcript look better & also adding to my CE. I have noticed these upgrades that you have incorporated to the system, but here is my question. Does retaking an exam not count for CE?
Also how do I find out online what my CE requirements for my personal account are to renew my membership. I renewed I think the last 2 years simply by sending in my money. Nothing at all was mentioned about having or not having enough CE. The transcript, which is something I just discovered, obviously shows what I have completed. But I want to know what I have yet to complete for renewal?


Answered in order asked:

If you’ve gone through the course, you get CE credit upon passing the exam. Passing the exam is only part of the way you’ve demonstrated that you’ve gone through the course. The other ways include, taking each quiz, visiting each frame, playing each embedded video all the way out, etc. The system is smarter now and prohibits challenging out (just jumping to an exam, passing it, and getting CE credit for the course). The recent course system upgrades were creating in cooperation with the US EPA, and we are grateful for their assistance.

Well now we actually got to spend TIME getting our CE? Sheesh :wink:

I was wondering when you would set this up.
I felt that you should have done this back when I started.:slight_smile:

Thanks’ for letting us know Nick. Good post.