InterNACHI defeats bad ASHI home inspector legislation in Ohio.

I agree with you guys on this one, fox in hen house quote!
Does anyone know whom to contact about being involved with these decisions for Ohio??

I would definitely be in on creating some documentation from experienced home inspectors regarding licensing regarding this legislation. Thing is, I’m not very good at organizing things like this or getting the ball rolling so to speak, but I can help contribute. I believe we need to do something or at least get officially involved. Once again, this just goes to show the agents control over our profession :neutral:

What I always find amazing is,

I hold licenses in HVAC, as a home builder, WDI inspector, asbestos inspector, lead based paint inspector, septic inspector, radon inspection, mold inspection, as a code inspector AND several others.

In NONE of them do I need to show I’ve done a certain number of inspections, etc to get my license. NOR do I need to be finger printed for any of them. I do NOT have to carry E & O insurance on any of them.

Makes you wonder why OR how we’ve screwed ourselves so bad.

That’s easy - Real Estate Agents. None of those other professions are completely controlled and dictated by another.

The main thing as a soon to be newbie with InterNACHI is not the issue of ‘getting screwed, or the over flow of new Home Inspectors, nor the amount of money less now that a lessor amount that current HI’s will lose due to so many newbies coming on board’ our concern as Home Inspectors ‘should be’ the ‘quality’ and ‘completeness’ and ‘competence’ of our inspections. The public’s safety is at risk, if the main focus of being a Home Inspector is the ‘bottom line’. I’ve seen this in so many Real Estate Brokers’ and Realtors’ behaviors and I don’t want any part of it. Ethics is where it’s at.

Well I have and will continue to input my 2 cents. Look at the SOP that I posted.