InterNACHI Director Kenton Shepard in Africa developing inspection industry there.

Here’s a couple more I took today within a mile of home.

I wish I could post sound files. I was waked up Friday about midnight by this pulsating noise that sounded like frogs, but sounded like frogs crossed with crocodiles. You know that deep sound that elephants make, kind of like a deep purring sound? Imagine that sound ongoing continuously, and pulsating, made by about 100 of those things. It was coming from the yard of the house next door, but I’ve got an 8-foot wall back there, no ladder, and it was real dark, and I wasn’t gonna take my maglite over there and check it out.
I asked the next day and turns out it’s frogs, but they must be the size of dogs. I was picturing Komodo Dragons in my mind.

I was thinking about going to Alverstone Wildlife Park since it’s fairly close. I started checking out their list of reptiles. Black Mamba is number 2 on their list, but they also have Puff Adders and number of other scary snakes. I decided to check out Black Mambas. Very, very scary snakes.
This place is amazing.

Oriole 1.JPG

Yeah well, I’m steering clear of Ghana.

In developing inspection courses for South Africa I’ve been working with Eric, who owns the largest inspection business in South Africa. Eric used to race Porsches. He once got a ticket after being clocked at about 260 kilometers and hour on surface roads here in Kwazulu-Natal (this province). Riding around with Eric in a high-powered Porsche SUV is a fascinating experience. It makes your right leg tired.

What I think is funnyis, almost everyone there is black. All the maniquins in your photo were white. Whats up with that???

I think it’s like 37% black, 25% white and the rest mixed. It’ true all mannequins were white. The British and Dutch ran this country for quite a while.
Black empowerment legislation was enacted last year, which will probably pull a lot more blacks into the middle class eventually. It’s another reason home inspection is taking off here, since with that legislation came with some consumer protection laws. There’s still a lot of sorting out to do concerning how it’s enforced and how real estate agents find ways to wiggle around it.

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Que? Que es? Yo no hablo Englais, Senor.