InterNACHI discount on meth tests from AccuMeth.

Has anyone tried these? Is there anything that could create a false positive? I know someone was asking about this a couple weeks ago. Are there any legal precautions that need to be taken?

Discount on the Black Box would be nice.](

Substantially cheaper than EMSL which could mean taking more samples in a home, but there isn’t a number to call. Its really sketchy when a company doesn’t have a number.

Juan, it looks like they forgot to include it on the site above. After 2 minutes of looking around, look what I found: 1-800-954-6384.

Wow. Thanks man. I spent about a minute. They need a better website person :slight_smile:

That number did not work. LOL even more sketchy now.

You are exactly right, the call just ends almost as soon as you push dial. Sorry about that Juan. I didn’t bother to check before I posted.

-Stay Safe

No worries. Thank you for your help.

Inspectorlab should be offering the kits soon.

Hi, My name is Julie Mazzuca, founder of Meth Lab Cleanup Company. The AccuMeth kits have been proven, by validation studies to have a 9.1% variance; median 6.5%. The most respected laboratory in the nation has a variance of 20% plus or minus. This product is twice as reliable as laboratory analysis. There are no false positives. The web page you are viewing was built specifically for InterNACHI and I failed to add a phone number; my apologies. We are extremely short-staffed. I will repost. For more information on our testing products you can visit the following websites:,, If you are interested in reviewing the validation data send me an email at The advantage this product brings to the market is that it is affordable and is non hazardous, our competitor’s product must be disposed as hazardous waste.

Thank you for your time and interest. Julie


Does the price include the lab analysis?

The number is 208-683-5808. Call with questions. Please take the time to view the video and read the data prior, thank you. Julie

The AccuMeht kit does not require lab analysis. It works onsite, much like a pregnancy test. If you want lab analyzed kits, go to

Thanks for your interest.

Hi Michael, number is 208-683-5808. Somebody made a typo, I guess.

Hi Juan, the number is 208-683-5808. That is my direct line. Please understand that we are very short staffed. Take the time to read all the information and watch the video.

Much appreciated, Julie

I am the website person, Juan. Sorry the page does not meet your expectations. Julie

Please keep in mind, Meth Lab Cleanup Company does not take phone orders; due to quality control. All orders must be made through the website. Thank you.

To better understand clandestine drug lab laws visit: “state laws”.

Thanks Julie.