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If you are aware of the classic book written by Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich, you may find the next bit of information very interesting. . . .

Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the world in his time. Carnegie commissioned Napoleon Hill to study the traits of all successful individuals to identify their similarities. Hill was granted access to Carnegie’s friends like: John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Alexander Graham Bell and hundreds of other contemporary giants of the twentieth century. Overall, it took Napoleon Hill twenty five years to complete his job and publish his findings.

What few people know is that Napoleon Hill actually hand-published 118 copies of The Law of Success in 1925. It contained such potent information that a faction of The Brotherhood (lead by Henry Ford) destroyed most of the copies and coerced Hill to censor his work.

The “watered down” 1937 version of Think and Grow Rich was based on Napoleon Hill’s 1928 publication titled The Law of Success. The 1928 book is incorrectly considered to be Hill’s First Edition and this is the book that is commonly available in most bookstores today.

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Great deal, & well worth the click to the video & offer!
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They’re not set up to send to Canadian addresses though. Guess I’ll stay poor.

Just checked with Mike Maraziti, who is running this offer. He wrote:

" I have sent them to Canada before!!!
However, they would need to do the following:

Use CA (for Canada)
Put “RS- Canada” after zip"

Thanks for looking into it for us Russell

Don’t let the word get out about me, Dan;:roll:
Today’s Thanksgiving, here in the States, and it’s my one day a year to be a Nice Guy!;-):smiley:

glad I caught you on the right day.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mike says that dozens have ordered the free Intro CD already, and should start receiving them in the next couple days.
I’m interested in hearing success stories from fellow members who order the full 15 hours of lectures!

very cool!

Way to go, Marty Karl!
Far as I know, you are the first winner!

My listening technique:
Jeanne & I listen to 1 CD an evening, after dinner. She may be cleaning the table, dishes, etc. (I usually pick out a firearm to clean . . .;-)). Any kind of “mindless” work.
The following day, we’ll review the same one, individually or together, whole or in part, until time for the next one.
Driving is also a good opportunity.

Looking forward to your comments, as you progress through the course:D.


Winner #2 of 5, of the 15 hour course:

Michael J. Parker

Congratulations, Mike!

Thanks Russ. Really looking forward to diving into it.

Winner #3 of 5, of the 15 hour course:

Tim Spargo!

Congratulations, Tim!

Thanks Russ!

Winner #4 of 5, of the 15 hour course:

Drew Levy!

Come on Down, Drew!

5? …

Well, It’s supposed to be Michael Altizer, if he ever responds to Mike (who’s been trying to contact him for 4 days now . . .)

RUss did you give the 5th one out?


 If you are talking about the call from Sacramento, California; some boy called once and hung up, no messages. I thought it was a telemarketor. Several calls, and when I answer they hang up. I am still very interested.  If you cannot reach me, since I am pretty busy, I would gladly be willing to give up my spot for the next InterNACHI member. I am in Virginia, he is in California; so I tell you what: How about tommorow (Monday Dec. 5th - from 9am to 12 pm) his time. If that will not work Russ, go ahead and give it to the next in line. 

Michael Altizer
(540) 449-3698 :roll:

Mike, I replied to your email, but got back:
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