InterNACHI Education

Nick is doing an awesome job of providing us with inspector education. He leads the crowd in providing us with affordable, and often free, education. Makes me proud to be a member.

I agree, Vince.

It’s amazing how much one can learn by simply logging onto this MB on a daily basis.

That’s why I never leave. The education here is endless.



Good Morning Billy, I don’t think too many can disagree here.
How is the snow situation?:slight_smile:

Good morning everyone. Yes it is a great place for information.

Actually it’s just spittin here right now. Nothing on the ground. What about your way?

8 on the ground and spitting flurries right now.

Might be another good day to take advantage of all the free learning tools here. :slight_smile:


How did you get 8 on the ground when we only have 2-3.

The storm is sweeping from the SE to NE.

Are you looking at snow drifts?

Total accummulation for the Winter so far. Nothing from this storm yet. :slight_smile:


Well OK, it’s sunny anyway. No snow, no clouds but I can see the edge of the storm to the south east and that is too close for comfort!

What’s wrong with a little snow? I love it and my kids are very excited.

This is last year…




No snow but it is cold. It is around 50 right now.


50 is not cold, that’s mild here.

50 degrees in Florida is a nasty wet cold… There is not mild about it. Sunny and awesome here. We might get some more snow this week.

The education to be found here is unparalleled. I know of at least 2 inspectors that are leaving their current organization to come to NACHI because of this very reason.

I agree that the educational resources are fantastic.

The weather in southcentral Ontario was nice and mild today (-2 Celcius) with local melting. I was able to get the salt cleaned off the van today, just in time for the storm to hit us for Christmas eve.

I have found all the course I have taken to be very informative

The educational resources and outstanding support to it’s members is why I joined InterNACHI! This organization provides tools available for us to make our business sucessful, not run it for us. Thank you Nick and Ben for your vision.

Jeff Tatlock
BEACHSIDE Home Inspection](