interNACHI Energy Audits is recognized in Canada?

Does anyone know that interNACHI Energy Audits is recognized in Canada, especially for Canadian federal energy program?




If any member emails us information explaining where we should submit our courses/certification programs for approval… we’ll do it.

We have 700 government approvals and accreditations and don’t mind acquiring #701 for ya.

You need to be a Service Organization in Canada to perform Energy Evaluations for the federal program. They have their own standards which the S/O must follow. I know from experience, it is not easy to become a S/O in Canada. It took us a few years.

So it isn’t a course, it is a standard?

Perhaps we can build a course to help members become a service organization. I’ll look into it.

Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) requires all S/O’s be trained by them, according to their standards, on their terms. They will not accept training or standards from another organization. You cannot even apply to be a S/O until they release an RFP ( Request for Proposal). There has been i believe 3 in the last 10 yrs. I don’t expect there will be another one anytime soon as the program ends March 31st, 2012. Nick, if you want more details sometime feel free to give me a call, i’d be happy to explain more.

I’m going to have Ben call you next week as we have something related we’ve been working on in Canada.

Sounds good!

Hi Rodney

I wanted to ask you ask you a question regarding the same subject. As far as I understand to become an energy audior in Ontario I have to pay a company to do the course and then work for them as they will give me the energy audits to undertake. These companies are charging around $6K - $8K to do the course through them which I think is crazy. Can you advise me on what my options are as I want to offer energy audits along with my home inspections.

Any advise would be appreciated



Hi Josh,

You will have to get trained by a S/O (Service Organization) in order to become a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA). If you are not a CEA then you cannot offer energy audits under the federal or provincial programs. If it is going to cost you $6K to $8K to get trained I would seriously consider whether it is worth it at this time. Keep in mind the federal program is scheduled to end in March 2012. I expect the D evaluations (first eval) will start to slow drastically in Novemeber, and lead into E evals (final evals) in Jan,Feb,March which will drastically reduce the work load and profits as well. In other words, there won’t be a huge call for CEA’s after December, as the program is nearing the end and homeowners will want their final evals done to get some $$ back. If you want to move to Nova Scotia and work for me i’ll train you for free…lol. I can’t seem to find any CEA’s anywhere and could use a few more right now. If you have any more questions please let me know. Cheers.