InterNACHI fights NHIE's attempt to create a monopoly in Florida.

I guess someone thinks you are illegally diverting $$ from them…
Do they really think you will be scared away?

Competition is an American thing you know!

I thought every single person in Florida was already a licensed home inspector. While I’m not in favor of an attempt for a monopoly from nhie, I would speculate that even if they are successful in their attempt, they might make an extra $200 a year.

I am Happy with this. Always there are the guys who will come at you for no good reason.
So good to have Mr. Cohen in our corner.

NHIE Vs. NACHI… Like being pecked to death by ducks.

Never was there a test so inappropriate for Florida Home Inspectors.

Glad to see this being handled well by Mark.

InterNACHI won: