Internachi florida insurance inspections certification course

Internachi florida insurance inspections certification course coming soon. Internachi plumbing, electric, hvac, and electric courses will be prerequisites to the cert. Course. The course will include wind mitigation, 4 point, roof certification, hazards, ect. Forms will be included, how to complete the forms, and what pictures should be included. There may be some industry secrets like how to get business, but you will have to contact me directly or attend one of my classes

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The wind mitigations " descrepancies" will be finalized with an opinion of one of the best structural engineers in florida. He reviews and approves 80% of the noa s for florida and miami dade. All the questionable areas will be officially stamped by the engineer and thats what i will be teaching

Each section of the 1802 has been signed and sealed by the top structural engineer on the form my class will be based on. Any other interpretation will come from a less credentialed course. Internachi will have the most official interpretation of the 1802 taught anywhere

Nice. It’s about time someone got into the grey areas on the 1802. Looking forward to it, but I don’t recall getting my pass to the event.:frowning:

No online option?

I hope there is, I have new born twins so I am not going anywhere any time soon lol

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Congrats Mike!

Congrats Mike! Been there, done that! My twins are now 27 years old. One just left the Marine Corps and the other is a Petty Officer 2nd Class on the Truman.

I don’t think its an exclusive event. ill be presenting at the hoh2 grand opening in jan

yes there will be an online series, with videos, forms, ect.

If you want some help on proofing/ beta users I am in and can give as much feedback as you want…

Thanks everyone for the congrats, it’s been a crazy time, and a BUSY time lol…have baby B sleeping in left arm, after feeding as I type with a finger on my iPad on the right side arm rest of my recliner lol