InterNACHI founder Nick Gromicko launches another charity for kids - The Produce Maze

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Nice, Nick. :smiley: I hope it goes well for the kids.

very nice !!

The Produce Maze.
Great idea, Nick.

The word Maze, a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal, leads one to think of many marketing ideas to spark the interest of/for young developing minds with wholesome food and how to reach that goal becoming fun.
Schools can become involved as well.
You are onto something, Nick.

All the best with your endeavors.
Always thinking of you and your great accomplishments. Your Father would be so proud.
Best regards.
Robert Young

CK designed the logo:

Just got it and love it.

Thanks CK!

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Great looking logo.
Way to go, CK!

Really nice logo!